梅&カルピス 公式SNS用のイラスト動画
Ume & Calpis, Official Illustration Video for Twitter


Calpis released a new flavor of drink this June. I was asked to illustrate the new bottle in a video for their official Twitter announcement. Of course I was so excited to participate! See the official video/tweet here!
&Travel 東京2021年号、イラストとモデル
&Travel Tokyo 2021 Guidebook: Illustrations&Modeling

毎年、&Travel東京を買います!綺麗な写真で東京のおしゃれフードを紹介するから、次は何を描きたい?と迷ってる時によく参考にします。そして、今年はまさかモデルとイラストレーターとしてご協力させていただくなんて、とても喜びました!Tokyo Sanpo というテーマで、東京の面白い街をモデルとして出て、イラストも5点描かせていただきました。初めて食べ物だけじゃない水彩イラストのお仕事でしたので、ちょっと面白いかもしれません。ムックですので、年中に通販でも売ってますので、ぜひ!

I buy &Travel Tokyo every year! They use beautiful photos to showcase Tokyo’s beautiful food, so if I’m ever wondering about which food to paint next, I often reference it... so I was so excited to be asked to model and illustrate for it this year! I participated in the section featuring walks around Tokyo, where they took photos of me at the location as well asked me to illustrate some of the highlights. Amongst the normal food illustrations, I also did watercolor illustrations of buildings for the first time, so it was a new experience for me! It’s available all year, and you can purchase it online too, so check it out!
Showing off my house on TBS’ variety show, “Sekai Kurabete Mitara!”



Due to corona, the studio filmings of our show have been put on hold. However, we were asked to make a video of our own to show the hosts of the show, and my video showcasing the DIY projects in my home made it on air! The videos sets by us foreigners have been uploaded to the official YouTube channel, so go check it out!
NHK国際放送 「Trails to Oishii Tokyo」いちご編
NHK World broadcast “Trails to Oishii Tokyo” Strawberry Special


旬の食べ物を紹介する番組「Trails to Oishii Tokyo」で、いちご取材しました!都内のいちごスイーツを食べたり、栃木県の農場を見学したり、イチゴのイラストも描かせていただきました!日本語版はNHKのBSチャンネルで放送されますが、英語版は無料ネット配信してますので、ぜひ!

“Trails to Oishii Tokyo” is an international show that introduced the seasonal foods of Japan. This time, I was asked to report on Strawberries! I tried strawberry sweets in Tokyo, visited a strawberry farm in Tochigi, and even painted some strawberry illustrations! The Japanese language version can be watched on Japanese cable TV, while the English version is broadcast on NHK World internationally... and is also available for free online! 
世界くらべてみたら 山口県でフグを食べるロケ
“Sekai Kurabete Mitara” travel filming. Eating fugu in Yamagata!



The TV show that I have been a part of for 2.5 years “Sekai Kurabete Mitara” sent me on a trip to Yamaguchi prefecture with Prisca from South Africa and the comedian Takumi Goto... where we ate puffer fish for the first time! It turned out to be a funny and fun experience. Please check it out on TBS channel from 8pm on Wednesday, April 16th!
Discover Japan 5月号表紙+記事イラスト
Discover Japan Cover + Article Illustrations


大好きな雑誌、「Discover Japan」の5月号の表紙+記事用のイラストをまとめて9点描かせていただきまさた!メインテーマは和食で、歴史から種類まで、たくさん面白い情報が集まってます。イラストでオノマトペも

I illustrated the cover + 8 other article illustrations for the May issue of a magazine that I love called “Discover Japan!” The main theme is Japanese food, and there is tons of information on everything from history to varieties of Japanese food. I even helped create an article on food onomatopoeia in Japanese and English! It’s available for purchase online as well, so please check it out!
NHK国際放送「Journeys in Japan」にレポーターとして出演
Reporting for NHK World broadcast”Journeys in Japan: The Magic of Winter in Akita”

2月に「Journeys in Japan」というNHK国際放送の番組で、レポーターさせていただきました。この番組で初めて日本の雪国を経験できました!秋田県の冬祭りや食べ物を紹介しながら、今まで見たことない日本を経験できて、一生忘れられない旅でした。ちなみに、雪の下から収穫人参のイラストも描きました!無料でネット配信してますので、ぜひ見てください!

In February, I was asked to report for an NHK World TV show called “Journeys in Japan.” For this show, I was visitedJapan’s snowy countryside for the first time. While experiencing a new side of Japan, we were able to showcase Akita prefectures winter festivals and foods. It was a trip I’ll never forget! I also illustrated winter carrots that are harvested during snowy season. It’s available to stream online for free, so please check it out!

NHK国際放送 「Trails to Oishii Tokyo」小松菜編
NHK World broadcast “Trails to Oishii Tokyo” Komatsuda Special

旬の食べ物を紹介する番組「Trails to Oishii Tokyo」で、東京野菜「小松菜」を紹介させていただきました!葉野菜があまり詳しくない私には、とても面白い勉強になりました。小松菜のハウスで新鮮ものを収穫して、イラストも描かせていただきました!英語版はネットで無料配信中ですので、ぜひご覧ください。

I reported on the Tokyo grown vegetable “ Komatsuda” for the NHK World show “Trails to Oishii Tokyo” which showcases the seasonal ingredients found in Japan. This time, the subject matter was the leafy vegetable “Komatsuna,” which finds it’s roots in Tokyo. As someone who was not very familiar with Japanese leafy vegetables, I learned a lot from this filming. I was also able to help pick fresh Komatsuna from a greenhouse and paint it for the show. The episode is available to watch free online, so please check it out!

New Package Illustration!

Ora2Me、新桜ミント味の歯磨き粉・歯ブラシの桜とミントのイラストを描かせていただきました!kiCK Incと言う会社とコラボして、デザインがとても可愛く仕上がりました。日本だけではなく、アジアの何カ国にも販売されるそうです。珍しい桜ミント味の歯磨き粉を試してみたい方はぜひ、通販にて購入してください!

I illustrated the sakura and mint leaves for the new Ora2Me Sakura Mint flavored toothpaste and accompanying toothbrush! It was in collaboration with the designers from kiCK inc., and it turned out super cute. It will be sold in Japan as well as a number of countries across Asia. Anyone who wants to try the unusual sakura mint flavor can purchase it online here!
New Commercial Appearance


The advertising (TV commercial, newspaper, poster, etc.) for the TV show I'm on called "Sekai Kurabete Mitara" is up! All the regular members of the show dressed in the colors of their country flags and sang a classic Japanese song about how "Humans are Great." The filming was really fun, and I loved the costume, but the song was stuck in my head for an entire month after filming. Every morning when I work up, the chorus was playing in my mind, haha. Recently, the show has been airing for two hours during prime time, every other week. The next airings are scheduled from 8pm on January 22nd and February 5th from 8pm on the TBS channel!

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year! I feel like I grew a lot as an illustrator and TV talent in 2019, and I have high hopes for 2020 as well! I painted a traditional Japanese New Years box, and used it for my traditional Japanese New Years greeting cards this year. It was pretty tricky since the food boxes don’t go on sale until a few days before New Years, so I had to make my own in the beginning of January to get a reference image for painting. Anyway, stay tuned for more news in 2020!
Selling my Food Illustration Booklet Online!




I have been focusing on increasing my food illustration work lately. As a self-promotion move, I began selling my work in a self-publication (zine) at a store in Tokyo for a six month period. This went well, so I have decided to start selling it online!

In Vol. 1, I have painted “Foods on Sticks” that you can find in Japan. Alongside each illustration is a brief explanation/history of the food, information on where to find this food, and comments on the challenges of painting each piece. I put my heart into painting a lot of yummy things, so if you are interested, please purchase a copy at my Etsy shop!
Moving to Prime Time TV!



In addition to work as an illustrator/designer, I also do work as a TV talent. For the past two years, I have appeared as the American representative on the Japanese variety show “Sekai Kurabete Mitara” hosted by Taichi Kokubun and Watanabe Naomi. Around 22 foreign members and compare cultural differences on various topic in a fun and interesting manner. Until recently, the show aired weekly in the middle of the night. However, we have been moved to Prime Time! 
Catch the first episode 8pm  Wednesday, October 30th on TBS channel!
Magazine cover/spread illustrations


長年もディジタルイラストの仕事をしていますが、水彩食べ物イラストはわりと最近始めました。パッケージや広告の仕事が多いですが、この間初めて雑誌用のイラストを描かせていただきました。東京メトロのフリーマガジン「メトロミニッツ 」という出版で、11月号は家庭料理をテーマにして、家庭料理メニューのあるお店に取材しに行きました。中面イラストの仕事依頼でしたが、納品したら表紙でも使うようになりました!自分の作品は東京の駅で発見できてとても嬉しかったです!

Although I have done a lot of digital illustration work, it is only recently that I have begun doing work in watercolor food illustration. I have worked a lot in packaging and advertising, but I was given the opportunity to work for a Magazine! The publication is called “Metro Minutes” and it is a free magazine for the Tokyo Metro system. November’s issue focused on “home cooking,” and I was asked to visit two restaurants in Tokyo that featured home-style menu items. Originally I was commissioned to illustrate for a single article, but my work was selected to be used on the front cover! It was super exciting to see my watercolor work in stations across Tokyo.
Gallery Exhibit


2019年8月25日~2019年8月31日の一週間、銀座のアートギャラリーAsagi Artsの「It’s So Delicious」展に参加させていただきました。画家は8人で、一人は4枚まで「Delicious」をテーマにした絵を展開しました。私含めて在廊した画家も数人いました。広告など絵の仕事を数年もやっていますが、ギャラリーで展示する経験がなくて、あまり考えたことなかったです。しかしギャラリーのオーナーに声をかけられて、ぜひ参加したいと思いました。「チェリー」をテーマにして、新しい作品を4枚書きました:チェリーパイ、メロンソーダ、プリン、あんみつ。作品や番組のファンもたくさん来てくださって、完売できました!


From August 25 to 31, 2019, I participated in a week long gallery exhibit at Asagi Arts Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo. Eight artists each submitted four food-related works, and throughout the week, stayed in the gallery to talk with visitors. I have worked in commercial art for many years, but I had never really imagined exhibiting my work in a gallery. However, the owner reached out to me, and I was very glad to participate. I created four pieces especially for this exhibit, all with the theme of “cherry.” These were cherry pie, melon soda, pudding, and the Japanese sweet “anmitsu.” Many fans of my work/fans of my TV show came and visited, and I was able to sell all four of my pieces. 

For descriptions of each of my pieces, please see my instagram (http://www.instagram.com/kailenefalls)
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